Thank you all for a fantastic weekend of gravel racing!

Gravel rides are not a new way to experience the beauty of cycling in Sweden. Our landscape and environmental values offer great opportunities for gravel rides that give you the particular feeling of freedom that you get on your bike. We have been out on our gravel roads for decades and finally, it´s possible to reveal these hidden treasures for the world.

Gravel, Grit ‘n Grind is a 3 days stage race and part of the 2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series. Starting with a 23km time trial on Friday, a long gravel race, 124 km or 92 km on Saturday, and a shorter gravel race, 80 km, on Sunday.  There is an overall competition over the three days.

It´s possible to do a single race, two stages, or the full three day stage race. Only the event on Saturday, stage 2, is an official event in the 2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series.


Stage 1 - Halmstad, Individual Gravel Time Trial Prolog 23 km

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Stage 2 - Halmstad, 2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series Qualification Race 124/92 km

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Stage 3 - Simlångsdalen, Gravel Race 80 km

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From salty coast to the deep forests of Halland

Halland and the Swedish west coast gives the cyclist a landscape that includes both coastal open fields and deep showy forests not far from the coast. Even if we don´t have the big mountains, our rolling hills will make the courses challenging. The gravel roads of Halland are often various and you will experience lakeside roads in the forests, open farm roads, and fast gravel paved roads. A day on a bike in Halland, you will have winding cozy gravel roads mixed with the scenery of our well-known nature values.  Only a short stretch from the city, traffic is not a problem for the cyclists of Halland and some days you can count the cars you meet on one hand. The feeling of adventure is always present when you take your gravel bike for a ride.

The race is designed and planned from two different perspectives. We have one foot in the classic gravel social ride format and the other foot in the common bicycle road race. Our ambition with this gravel race is to show the world how we can combine adventures in gravel riding with competitive gravel road racing. Let´s find out how this turns out!

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UCI Gravel world championship 2022 qualifying event

We are very proud to be a part of  2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series and be able to offer a qualifying race for the new UCI Gravel world championship 2022. In the light of where Gravel cycling is going, we hope our qualifying race will lure top-level cyclists to take place in the start list. We know for certain that some pros are interested to claim the coated rainbow jersey, and they all must qualify.

The format is mass start divided into age groups. Even for pros. Therefore, we see the possibility that any competitive cyclist can share starting line with the biggest names in the sport, if lucky.


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Events and races that inspire us

Dirty Halland

Simlångsdalen Epic Gravel