Do I need a license ? (international riders)

Yes. If you do not have a license from your national cycling federation, you can buy a one-day license on site. It will cost approximately 210 SEK.

Do I need a license ? (swedish riders)

Ja. Om du aldrig tävlat tidigare kan du teckna en Motions-licens hos Svenska Cykelförbundet. Du behöver vara klubbansluten, samma villkor som de flesta svenska större motionslopp.  Den kostar 300 kr och genom att skaffa licens stöttar du också svensk cykel.
Om du har master-, elitlicens eller U23-licens hos SCF så är det givetvis tillräckligt.

Can I compete with an MTB?

Yes. TREK 2023 UCI Gravel World Series allows mtb-bikes 2023.

What kind of roads? Can I go with a normal road bike?

The roads are both rough gravel in the woods with some sharp rock gravel to very smooth gravel country roads. Normal gravel tires are no problem. A road bike, and road bike tires, are not optional for some parts of the courses. We recommend that you go with a gravel bike or CX bike and tires made for gravel rides.

Can I change start group?

No. You have to start in the start group you belong.

Can I get support on the course?

Service vehicles are not allowed. We provide feed zones on the course. In these zones, technical service is allowed.
Stage 1, no feeding zone.
Stage 2, feed zone approximately at 30 km, 60 km and 90 km.
Stage 3, feed zone approximately at 30 km, 60 km.

Do I have to do all 3 stages?

No. You can do one, two, or three stages.
Our stage 2 is the qualifying stage for UCI Gravel World Championship. We do recommend all stages because if you are visiting our event, we don´t want you to miss all the fun and the nature we provide in the other stages.

Where is the best place to stay in Halmstad?

Our official hotel, Grand Hotel Halmstad is a great choice for your stay. Otherwise, we recommend any hotel near the city center or in Simlångsdalen.

How do I travel to Halmstad?

If you travel by air, it´s the most convenient to get a flight to Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). From Copenhagen Airport there is a train from the terminal that takes you to Halmstad. The train is Öresundstågen www.oresundstag.se  . Take any train direction Göteborg or Halmstad.
The train will take you to Halmstad and the train station is only across the street from our official hotel Grand Hotel Halmstad.

If you travel by train, it´s also Öresundstågen if you travel thru Denmark.

By car from the south or north. Follow highway E6 to Halmstad. Or you can take the ferry from Grenaa, Denmark directly to Halmstad harbour.