Stage 2

Halmstad, 2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series Qualification Race 124/92 km

On Saturday we start stage 2. The start and finish are at the same location that we had on Friday. Close to the city in the Norre Katt park. The length of the stage is 124 or 92 km depending on what age group you compete in. This race gives you the possibility to qualify for the UCI world championship 2022. The course will take the participants further out in the countryside with open fields, deep forests, and challenging rolling hills. The central location of the start and finish area is good for any spectator, family members, and the competitors before and after the race. 

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Stage 1 - Halmstad, Individual Gravel Time Trial Prolog 23 km

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Stage 3 - Simlångsdalen, Gravel Race 80 km

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